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Who is Real Core Air Filter?

Real Core Air Filter is a booming air filtersmanufacturer,certified by lSO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015.

Real Core Air Filter provided full range of air filtrationsolutions for industries,such aselectronics factory, semiconductor, liquidcrystal display, bio-pharmaceutical, food.petrochemicalindustry, clean roomhospital,rail transit, spray booth,commercialand residential construction.Today, we are privileged to build up strongpartnerships with more than 300customers from over 98 countries offeringexcellent air filters so far.

Finished air filter: Spray booth filters,Pre filter, Medium pocket filter, Medium separator filter, Medium V-Cell filter, HEPA separator filter, Compact HEPA filter, HEPA mini pleat, High temperature HEPA filter,etc.

To create a green environment for the world, to contribute clean air for human beings and to improve the quality of life.

To create opportunities for employees, value for customers, benefits for enterprises and wealth for society.

A famous manufacturer of global air filters, an innovative manufacturer of global kitchen air conditioning filters.

Business Philosophy
Quality is life, efficiency is value. Customer first, service first.

Real Core Air Filter Company Strength

RCAF Scientific Research and Innovation Center
The company has a group of senior engineers who are responsible for the design, R&D and innovation of air filters and air conditioning equipment packages, and have a number of practical invention patents.
RCAF Production Base
The company has set up a production base in Xue Tian Industrial Zone, introduced air filter production technology from the United States, Germany and Japan, and continuously digested, absorbed and innovated according to the air environment, becoming a professional manufacturer of global air filters and one of the first national R&D and manufacturing enterprises of kitchen air conditioning filters. Specializing in the production of primary, intermediate and high efficiency air filters and automotive air filters, effectively filtering air dust, odor, microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, mold), oil and smoke, making the indoor air environment clean and comfortable, creating a healthy living environment for human beings. In particular, we independently develop and manufacture kitchen air conditioning filters, which provide reliable solutions for filtering grease and smoke and anti-mold and anti-bacteria in the kitchen, and contribute to improving the hygiene of the kitchen air environment and reducing human diseases.
The company produces thousands of air filters such as bag type, panel type, activated carbon fiber, glass fiber, smoke and oil filtration, anti-mold and anti-bacteria, etc. They are suitable for various scenarios of air filtration and are widely used in large buildings, public places, semiconductors, data centers, biopharmaceuticals, medical institutions, food, home environment, industrial dust removal, VOCS treatment, automobiles and other fields.
RCAF Fresh Air System
The company relies on its own air filter core technology to develop and produce many types of fresh air systems, which can effectively filter PM2.5, dehumidify and regulate temperature, prevent mold and bacteria, and provide fresh and clean air solutions for homes, public venues, factories, shopping malls, hotels and other places.
RCAF air filter inspection and testing laboratory
The company has set up RCAF air filter inspection and testing laboratory to efficiently inspect and test the resistance and efficiency of air filters, which is a third-party air filter inspection and testing institution and a high-standard air filter inspection and testing center in South China.
Guangzhou packaging production base
The company has set up a packaging production base in Guangzhou, specializing in the production of wood packaging, plastic packaging and paper packaging. Over the past 20 years, the company has provided filter products and air conditioning equipment for famous enterprises such as Johnson Controls, York, Gree, Eurasia, Changtian and Jihongzhan. Our air filters and other products are sold all over the country and exported to 98 countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Africa.

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Real Core Air Filter have been in the business of wholesale Air Filtes in China for 27 years, let a true industry veteran provide you with high quality Air Filters.


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